Dairy Consultancy


Planning of Farm

We Provide technical guidance on the general layout of the construction of the dairy farm with drawing and designs of the Farm, Milk Centre, Manure Handling, Milk Cooling and Utility Area.


We aid in setting up timelines of the project and provide guidance on the mode of calculations required for Young Stock Managements, Live Stock Management, Manure handling & Energy requirements.


We Provide directions and suggestions about the barn equipment required for the complete herd including livestock like young stock as well as Equipment Cost and the necessary support and technical guidance to set up those equipment.

Financial Planning and Analysis

AB Enterprises provides requisite financial planning, creating DPRs, knowledge and directions on financial analysis to the customer for more returns and smooth running of the farm.


AB Enterprises supplies and installs machinery and equipment for implementation of the project.

Detailed Knowledge

AB Enterprises provides detailed knowledge on Preventive Maintenance Schedule, Chemicals for Udder and Machine Hygiene as well as ISO Testing Protocol for optimization of Milking Equipment.